Evacuated Tube Systems

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Why evacuated tubes work best in a cold climate

Evacuated tubes are a relatively new technology in the history of solar hot water collectors. Designed to function in climates that suffer cold weather and heavy frost, they retain heat more efficiently.

The evacuated tube systems that we supply do not require any liquid to be running through them. This is known as the heat tube type of evacuated tube, and increases its life cycle while reducing the maintenance.

Major advantage of our heat tube evacuated tube system.

  • Tubes contain no water so are highly resistant to freezing.

  • The curve of the tube means more heat can absorb from different angles.

  • Tubes allow for high heat retention so high volumes of heat can be retained during over cast and evening times.

  • Simple repairs as individual tubes can be swapped out of the system.

  • Minimal wind drag on the system as air can blow through the system.


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