Hot Water Systems

Todd's are your local specialist in all things hot water.

Our plumbers and electricians are also all solar accredited.

We supply and install all the major brands of electric hot water systems, gas, heat pumps & solar hot water.

We understand that not having hot water is unpleasant so we get jobs done fast.

No sales pitches!

We will listen to your needs, then educate you on what your best options are.

home electric hot water systems
Midea Heat Pump hot water systems

Todd's prefer the Midea range due to its many benefits over other models on the market. This includes being extremely reliable, very quiet and its large array of extra features.

Midea also comes with an electric booster to increase production when the weather is cold or demand is high. It also has a built in programmable timer, frost protection & automatic weekly disinfection function. Midea heat pumps are approx. 65% cheaper to run than an electric and include an STC rebate of around $1000.

Home solar hot water systems

Gas hot water systems

Todd's are also you local expert gas fitters. We supply and install all the popular brands of instantantaneous and gas storage systems.


We are licensed to deal with both Natural Gas and LPG.

Electric hot water systems

Todd's stocks all the most popular brands of electric hot water systems from Aquamax, Dux, Everhot, Rheem, Rinnai, Vulcan & many more.

This includes you standard glass enamel or stainless steel options. We do not charge to remove & dispose the old unit, standard alterations to fit the new tank is included plus all required valves. 

Midea Heat Pumps
Midea heat pump reviews

Solar Hot Water Systems

Todd's are the solar hot water experts with over 6,000 systems installed. We supply & install many different brands and types.


We offer both roof mounted and ground mounted systems, we can educate you on what will work best for your home.  

Our options include glass enamel, stainless steel & evacuated tubes. Todd's are the experts in solar hot water.

Gashome hot water systems