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Are you prepared for Winter?

Have you had a Certified Todd's Plumber or Electrician do a service on your Hot Water System?

Get in quick before Winter hits and you're stuck having frosty showers.

Here's some helpful tips on what to look out for:

  • General tank condition - you want to be looking for any rust marks on the outside of the heater, leaks, or any other signs that the metal is degrading or corroding.

  • Safety relief valve - check if the safety relief valve is dripping. It is designed to drip when heating the water inside, but it shouldn't be dripping constantly. It is critical to the safety of your system that the safety relief valve is working properly, so if you notice a continuous drip then call a professional immediately.

  • Sacrificial Anode: your sacrificial anode attracts corrosive elements in the water, which prevents corrosion of the rest of your tank, these degrade over time and must be replaced regularly generally every 5 years and by doing so it can extend the life of your tank.

  • If you start to get brown water from your hot water taps, it is likely that your anode had degraded, or even worse, the inside of your tank is already rusting and may burst. CALL TODD'S IMMEDIATELY!!!

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