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Can My Hot Water System Be Fixed?

Is the hot water system not producing hot water or only producing intermittently?

Providing the system is not to old then most systems can be easily and cheaply repaired providing the tank is not leaking.

The major causes is now normally either a faulty thermostat, element or faulty valve.

The thermostat tells the element when to heat by measuring the temperature, If this is faulty the element might never work or work all the time.

Todd's can fix all major brands and types of hot water systems including electric, solar, gas and heat pumps.

If the element is faulty then it can not heat so of course you would have no hot water. A faulty element can also get stuck and heat 24/7 causing your power bill to rise. Most standard hot water systems have 4 to 5 valves, either one could cause issues. Most issues can be very easily resolved by a quick visit from Todd's or your local plumber.

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