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Roof Mounted VS Ground Mounted Solar Hot Water Systems

Theirs a lot of contradicting information out there regarding what's the best system.

The two main types of systems are a Roof Mounted System where the tank sits on the roof with the panels or a Split System where the tank sits on the ground.

Whats most suitable for my house?

First of all you need to consider what type of roof you have providing the roof is structurally solid enough that it can take the weight then both options are suitable. If space is very limited on the roof then a split system may be your only option as they take up less room having the tank on the ground.

Access to the house can be an issue for a roof mounted system as the crane truck is required to lift the tank on the roof providing the truck can get close enough one or two story's in not a problem.

Some people prefer the split system because they do not like the look of a tank on the roof. As a general rule roof mounted systems are slightly more affordable and more reliable as the system is run off gravity and heat convection. Split systems have the advantage of easier access to the tank as its on ground level.

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